Keeping Children Safe-Volunteer Compliance at St. Emily Parish

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer at our parish. We greatly appreciate it! All volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, or can be seen as a figure of authority must complete a series of online background checks, forms and training. Volunteers must complete the compliance process before they begin participating in their chosen ministries/groups. Please refer to the chart below to see what is required for your volunteer position:

Part A (Virtus.org Website)

The majority of the compliance paperwork is done online at http://www.virtus.org. Please follow the link, and select ‘FIRST-TIME REGISTRANT’ on the left side of the main page. An e-mail address is required to complete registration.

  •  Click ‘Begin the registration process’.
  • Select ‘Chicago, IL (Archdiocese)’.
  •  Create a USER ID and PASSWORD that you can remember easily. This will be your login information for Virtus.org going forward. We suggest using your email address as your USER ID.
  •  Provide all the information requested on the next screen. (Name, Home Address, etc.) Do not hit the back button on your browser, or your information will be lost.
  • Select St. Emily as your primary location in the drop-down list. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Select ALL the roles that apply to you on the next page. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Verify your location and role. If you will be volunteering at another parish or Archdiocesan location select ‘YES’, otherwise, click ‘NO’.
  • The prompt will ask if you have already attended a Protecting God’s Children live session. Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The next screen will show you upcoming live training sessions for Protecting God’s Children in the area, or previous sessions if you have already attended. Select the session you attended, or are planning to attend. (NOTE: New volunteers must select a session that will be held within 60 days of starting to volunteer.)


  •  CANTS (Child Abuse & Neglect Tracking System) Form
    The next screen contains the CANTS form, which every volunteer must complete yearly. Please print, fill out and return the form to the Parish, School or Religious Education office. DO NOT mail the form to DCFS. If you are not able to print out the form, please contact David Mika for a paper form.


  • Code of Conduct for Church Personnel
    The next page contains the Archdiocese of Chicago Code of Conduct. Please read the document, and provide your electronic signature and today’s date. Click ‘Continue’.


  • Declarations
    Please review the statements on this page, check the box and provide your electronic signature, and today’s date. Click ‘Continue’.


  • Background Check
    The next screen includes a link to complete a background check that must be filled out online. Your registration is NOT COMPLETE until that is filled out.


  • Confirmation Screen
    Once finished, you will see a screen that says ‘Your Background Check request was submitted successfully’. Please check your e-mail to verify registration.

Part B (Mandated Reporter Training)

This is an online training course at the following website: https://www.dcfstraining.org/manrep/index.jsp. The course takes about 30-60 minutes and must be completed in one session.

  • Click on ‘Register for an account’ on the right side of the page.
  • Create your user account and complete the course.
  • Please print out the certificate at the end, and return it to the Parish, School or Religious Ed office.


Part C (References)

If your position requires it, fill out the attached Reference sheet. Your four references cannot
be Parish staff, or the leader of your ministry. Your references also cannot be immediate family
members. Please include an e-mail address for each reference, a phone number, or both.
If you have any questions, please contact David Mika – dmika@stemily.org | 847-824-5049
Thank you for your cooperation!


Keeping Children Safe Volunteer Packet

Update CANTS form annually


code of conduct volunteer