Resource Center

What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center at St. Emily School is designed to provide specialized learning assistance to students in grades five through eight.  The classroom-style setting is designed for both individual and small group interaction.  The flexibility and design of the Resource Center provide an essential adjunct to the instruction of the St. Emily educational program.  Many students benefit from the additional and distinctive instruction which is necessary for their academic success.

Who Oversees the Program?

The Director of the Resource Center, Mrs. Diane Mullins, is state certified in Special Education and Elementary Education and is experienced in teaching all grade levels in both regular and special education classrooms.  Mrs. Mullins had advanced training in learning disabilities, differentiation, and classroom modifications and accommodations.  She continually attends seminars and classes related to current educational practices in order to bring the best practices available to the St. Emily Resource Center.

Do all students utilize the program?

Students are assigned to Literature and Vocabulary classes in the R.C. through various methods of assessment including, but not limited to, District 26 Service Plans, ACT ASPIRE test scores, teacher recommendation and private academic, emotional, or social evaluation.

The R.C. also provides a quiet, relaxed and less distracting setting for specific students to take quizzes and tests, work on class assignments and receive oral direction in a more individualized manner.

How does the Resource Center work in conjunction with classroom instruction?

Classroom teachers are an integral part of the R.C. process, both prior to and during the child’s placement in the program.  The need to dove-tail classroom teaching with the R.C. is vital.  This allows the student to feel that the R.C. is an enhancement to their learning in the area of Language Arts.  Students that receive additional R.C. instruction on an individual basis need to feel a part of the general educational day, but with an awareness and acceptance of his or her need to have these supplementary lessons.

How do the groupings work in the Resource Center programs?

From Grades 5 through 8, students are assigned to groupings for their Literature instruction.  Students utilize the R.C. on a daily basis for their Literature and Vocabulary instruction.  This provides the students an opportunity to received additional guidance and gain confidence in an often times smaller setting.  The use of novels, book reports, newspaper and magazine articles, audio readings of literary material, and vocabulary instruction correspond closely to the other groupings, but allow for supplementary instruction in the many and varied skills necessary for ease in reading and comprehension.  Emphasis is placed on increasing fluency in oral reading, enhancing comprehension in both silent and verbal reading, utilizing new and essential vocabulary words and developing good writing skills.