Reading Resource:

Reading Resource is small group instruction that provides supplementary reading services. Additional instruction is provided in the following areas: sight words, phonics patterns, word attack, fluency, main idea, and drawing conclusions.  Our program also reinforces spelling patterns that are studied in the classroom by using our phonics program Recipe for Reading.

As individual and group needs change, so will the population of the class.  The needs and strengths of each child will be directly targeted providing additional opportunity for optimal growth in reading.  Our philosophy is that the curriculum must fit the needs of the child, rather than the child fitting in the curriculum.

Please note that this small group instruction comprises only a portion of the overall reading instruction that takes place.  Skills that are integral to being a successful reader are taught regularly throughout every school day.

I am confident that our innovative approach will be an enjoyable and profitable experience for all.


The Enrichment Program is small group instruction for students that need a more challenging curriculum.  Students in this program are reading at least two years above grade level.

In the Enrichment program the best in children’s literature, has been chosen to foster a love for reading, as well as to develop higher level thinking skills. For example; two of Shakespeare’s plays are read in 2nd grade. The focus is on key story elements; such as summarizing, sequencing, recalling details, and discussing the main characters of the story.  We will also study such things as flashback, plot, foreshadowing, conflict, protagonist, antagonist and theme.

1st Grade: Prince and the Pauper, Call of the Wild, Aesop’s Fables

2nd Grade: Treasure Island, Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and, As You Like It;  and Kidnapped

3rd Grade: Oliver Twist, Captains Courageous, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and a unit on Greek Mythology

4th Grade: A humanities unit on Harriet Tubman’s life, Red Badge of Courage

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