Rainbows is offered twice a year at St. Emily School.  It is not strictly for school families.  Typically, it is held once a week, for a six week period, culminating in a Celebrate Me Day.   Rainbows is held in the fall and spring.   There are three different age groups:  Level 1 includes kindergarten, first and second grade students; Level 2 is for third, fourth and fifth graders; and Level 3 is for those students in sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

For those unfamiliar with this program, it is offered free of charge to any child who is experiencing a significant change in his or her life.  Rainbows  not only serves children who are affected by death, divorce and health problems, but also children new to the U.S., children of gay or racially mixed couples and children of parents who have been imprisoned or who have AIDS, or children affected by their parent’s recent unemployment.

Because of their age and limited life experience, children often find it difficult to verbalize their feelings. A trained facilitator directs the meetings where participants read stories, keep a journal, and discuss feelings in a non-judgmental confidential setting. Mrs.Diane Mullins and Mrs.Kathy Wosz are the coordinators for the Rainbows program held at St. Emily and facilitate all Levels. For more information, please feel free to contact us: dmullins@stemily.org     kwosz@stemily.org       or School Office, 847-296-3490.