About St. Emily Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten is your child’s introduction to formalized learning.  As such, St. Emily’s 3 and 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten provides a faith-based, engaging and nurturing environment in which your child can comfortably explore, wonder, question and investigate the world.  Our program provides the opportunity for your child to develop spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically.  Emphasis is placed on early social skills, interaction with peers, sharing, being a good friend, cooperation and taking turns.

A typical full day focuses on academics in the morning and a more relaxed schedule in the afternoon.  For instance, the morning will always consist of prayer and then any combination of calendar, weather, jobs, table toys, art projects, water-table, coloring and cutting, songs and finger-play, books, colors, shapes, numbers, journaling, letters, phonics skills, handwriting instruction, and a snack.  After lunch there is a rest time and then another snack with time to play games, finish up morning work, and outdoor play.  Computers, Spanish and physical education are also incorporated into the program.

We hold sacred the lives entrusted to us and pledge to foster an environment consistently conductive to the development of a positive self image in each child.

Tuition and fees are competitive and allow us to hire a professional faculty and staff who will get to know your child on an individual basis and provide an excellent and fun learning environment.

Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

St. Emily School provides programs for 3 year old Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Classes are in session August through June.

  • 3 year old and 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten classes are offered in both full-day and half-day morning sessions.  Full day is from 8:00-2:45 and half day is from 8:00-11:00.


Reading and Language Arts:

  • We focus on all the letters of the alphabet throughout the year; recognizing the capital and lower case letter, as well as its sound
  • We do a “rhyme a week” which involves rhyming and sounding out words
  • Write in journals
  • Read books daily


  • Focus on colors, shapes, and numbers 0-20
  • Sorting, counting, and estimating


  • We use the Handwriting Without Tears program in the classroom throughout each week


  • Cooking, measuring, and pouring
  • Magnets and using magnifying glasses
  • Planting
  • Raising painted lady butterflies


  • We have a religion corner in the room that we change monthly to include children’s bibles, rosaries, etc.
  • Focus on treating people the right way and feelings
  • Say simple prayer every morning and before snacks
  • Discussions about Jesus and God
  • Learn the Hail Mary
  • Attend Mass weekly beginning in January, as well as other church services throughout the year

Social Studies:

  • Units throughout the year include family, community helpers, different holidays, and the three R’s (respect, responsibility, and right choices)


  • Understand the function, and use the mouse, keyboard, and monitor
  • Utilize games that reinforce classroom themes of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and holidays
  • Use and understand basic iPad functions


  • Develop gross motor skills through movement
  • Master cooperative skills such as taking turns/playing with others
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rules and safety during physical activity
  • Become aware of themselves and their good health

For more information and Open House dates, contact us at 847-296-3490.