Kindergarten through 8th grade art classes focus on the many styles, techniques, and medium used by famous artists.  Students explore line, shape, color, abstract/realism, portraits, perspective, symmetry, etc.  Students also learn about the lives of the artists, and discuss individual art pieces presented in class.  Students are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about the different paintings that they encounter during discussions.


Kindergarten through 8th grade music classes focus on identification of the instruments in an orchestra.  Students are also able to hear what each instrument sounds like by itself, and what the instruments sound like when combined with each other.  Much focus is given to the composers from all eras past and present.  Students will read and discuss the lives of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky to name a few.  Lessons and activities on note reading (both treble clef and bass clef) are also conducted in class.

Extra Activities

Students in grades K-8 participate in an annual Christmas program in December.  Parents can watch their children sing with their classmates and enjoy the sounds of this magical and holy time of year.

All students K-8 can choose to be in our Spring Talent Show!  Singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and rock bands can showcase their talents on this very special day.