Dear Parents and Incoming Kindergartners,

We welcome you to St. Emily Full-Day Kindergarten and would like to briefly describe our kindergarten curriculum, events and activities to you!


Reading/Language Arts: Each week we focus on one letter and its sound. At the beginning of the year we concentrate mainly on rhyming because it is a key factor in learning to read. We begin our reading series, Harcourt Storytown, in October/November. This series includes:

  • Reading/Recognizing 50+ sight words
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Word Families
  • Parts of a Story (beginning, middle, end, problem, solution, characters, setting)
  • Journal Writing (capitalization, top to bottom/left to right progression, ending marks)
  • Defining new vocabulary words
  • Literacy Centers
  • Letter/Sound Practice

Math: We begin the year reviewing and learning colors, shapes, and directional words. Throughout the year we focus on:

  • numbers/counting
  • graphing
  • skip counting
  • patterns
  • time & money
  • measurement
  • addition/subtraction
  • even/odd numbers

Science- Our science unit is cross-curricular with our sound of the week. We learn about animals that begin with the sound of the week for reinforcement. We also have themed units throughout the year, including:

  • farms
  • underwater
  • space
  • sink/float
  • zoo animals
  • planting
  • insects
  • frog life-cycle
  • rainforest

Religion- This is a basic introduction to God, Jesus and the Church. We learn what it means to be a good Christian and to respect all living things. We learn key terms and prayers involved in mass and begin attending church weekly in October.  We also attend other church services throughout the year such as

  • Advent Candle-lighting
  • Rosary
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Triduum
  • May Crowing
  • Lenten Labyrinth

Social Studies: We have themed units throughout the year, some of which correspond with the sound of the week.

  • community helpers
  • family
  • ourselves
  • holidays
  • good citizenship
  • historical figures
  • the United States
  • maps
  • goods & services
  • country vs city
  • needs vs wants

Activities and Events

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip Officer Friendly Visits Zoo Field Trip
Classroom Holiday Parties Junior Achievement Christmas Program
Scouts Talent Show Thanksgiving Feast
Catholic Schools Week Kindergarten Graduation Fire Safety Field Trip
School Spirit Assemblies Track-a-Thon


    We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have concerning next year. Please feel free to email or call us if you have questions or are simply interested in more information about our full-day kindergarten program.