Welcome to sixth grade!


ReligionBlest Are We (Benziger) – The focus is on the Old Testament and Salvation History.  Activities will include a Seder meal for Passover, making ornaments for the Jesse Tree, Power Point or poster presentation on a saint of choice, service projects.

EnglishElements of Language (Holt, Rinehart, Winston) – Included in this year’s studies are grammar and sentence structure, including the diagramming of sentences.  Writing will include personal narrative, persuasive writing, business letter, newspaper writing, compare/contrast, fantasy, research paper, poetry, and various writing prompts.

LiteratureTreasures (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill)   Vocabulary Workshop- Level A (Sadlier-Oxford)

  • The Treasures’ text is an anthology of stories of many genres.  Skills focused on include main idea/details, story mapping, summarization, inferences, context clues, cause/effect, word annalysis, and sequencing of events.  Independed reading is also required and cluminates in written book reports.  Vocabulary exposed the students to many words to use in their reading, speech and writing.

Math: St.Emily School Math program continually strengthens students’ foundation of basic mathematic skills and challenges students in problem solving applications.  The diversity in pacing and content depth in St. Emily’s multi-level program offers the opportunity to meet the needs of each student with proven success in local and standardized assessments.

  • The math levels currently work with McDougal-Littel Middle School Course 1 and 2, as well as McDougal-Littel Pre-Algebra.  This series serves as an outstanding tool in helping our students acquire the knowledge, skills, and problem solving abilities necessary to meet our high mathematics standards.

Social StudiesWorld History (Harcourt) – Why History Matters, Early Centers of Civilization, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Renaissance-Reformation, Age of Exploration, Toward the Present World, WWI – WWII, Map Skills

ScienceGlencoe Science Red – Our main focus for science in 6th grade will be Earth Science, although we will touch on life science and physical science.  This will include topics such as the scientific method, space, waves, weather, matter, motion, force, and simple machines, Earth’s resources and more. The students will be involved in hands on learning by doing many experiments where they will have to type up lab reports. There will also be projects done during school throughout the year.

Spanish: The 6th grade students will become introduced to basic Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure, verb conjugation, grammar, cultural traditions, expressions, and prayer in written, listened, and spoken forms.  They will attend Spanish class two times a week.

Each week’s lessons will include new vocabulary and grammar concepts, as well as review of material covered in previous classes.  Vocabulary and grammar curricula will derive from Avancemos, a high school-level beginner Spanish textbook.

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