Dear Parents,

Below is the curriculum and activities that the 5th grade students do throughout the year.



  • Anthology of stories both fiction and nonfiction
  • Monthly book reports
  • Skills developed: comprehension, inferences, main idea, problem/solution, context clues
  • Separate vocabulary book with daily testing


  • Place value of whole numbers and decimals
  • All operations with whole numbers and decimals
  • Estimation with whole numbers and decimals
  • Analyzing data and graphs, construction graphs
  • Number sense and logic
  • Writing workable math problems
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Intro to Algebra, expressions and equations
  • All operations with fractions
  • Measurement both customary and metric
  • Area and perimeter

Language Arts:

  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • Diagramming sentences
  • Writing personal narratives
  • How-to (written and oral presentation)
  • Writing business letters, persuasive, descriptive, poetry
  • Research papers

Social Studies:

  • US geography
  • Native Americans
  • Age of Exploration
  • The 13 colonies
  • American Revolution
  • The Civil War


  • Animals
  • Sound and Light
  • Weather
  • Earth and its changes
  • Astronomy
  • Lab experiments
  • Written Lab Reports
  • Understanding and application of the Scientific Method
  • Projects (endangered animals, electricity, and anmial habitats)
  • Science Studies Weekly Newspaper
  • Super Science Magazine


  • Focus on the Sacraments
  • Understanding the parts of the Mass
  • Mass preparation
  • Study of the special seasons of the church year
  • Projects (saints, and service projects)

5th Grade Highlights

Junior Achievement

Medieval Times Field Trips