Dear 4th grade parents,

We welcome you to St. Emily School and would like to briefly explain our curriculum, events and activities to you.


Social StudiesHarcourt Social Studies, States and Regions: We study: the five themes of geography, Latitude and Longitude, Cultural Diversity in theU.S., the three branches of government and the regions of the U.S.; history and these regions today.

Reading: The reading program in 4th grade is multi-level. This allows for blended 4th and 5th grade instructional groupings.  The students in these classes are given the opportunity to receive instruction in the many and varied aspects of the reading process. The textbook Treasures and Storytown is utilized throughout the year in order to work on skills needed for proficient comprehensive reading. The program allows us to work on analyzing characters,  plot, sequencing of events, author’s theme, cause and effect, fact and opinion, and inferencing. Other methods of instruction are presented through the use of newspaper articles, journal entries, and novel passages. The groups are small, and this allows for each student’s needs to be met.

EnglishVoyages in English by Loyola Press: Written and oral communication involves personal narratives, letter writing, descriptions, how-to-articles, and persuasive and expository writing. The grammar section of the book includes the various parts of speech, sentences and diagramming.

Math: St. Emily School multi-level Math program allows for blended 4th and 5th grade instructional groupings.  The 4/5 program utilizes Mc Dougal Litell Middle School Course 1 curriculum as well as Harcourt Math.  St. Emily continues to strengthen basic skills while providing challenging activities that go beyond lesson objective. The diversity in pacing and content depth in St. Emily’s multi-level program offers the opportunity to meet the needs of each student with proven success in local and standardized assessments.

ScienceSRA-McGraw-Hill: Our book is divided into four sections: life science, Earth science, physical science and health. Individual topics covered include plants, animals, cycles of life, ocean ecosystems, weathering and erosion, rocks, solar system, magnets, electricity, chemical substances, and nutrition. Labs are performed and the students are taught how to write up a formal lab report.

Religion:  RCL Benziger, Blest Are We: Faith is developed through a spiral curriculum based on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: What Catholics Believe, How Catholics Worship, How Catholics Live, and How Catholics Pray. Students develop an understanding and appreciation for the Word of God. We attend Mass on Friday and plan the Mass 4 times throughout the year.

Activities and Events


Recycling program with SWANNC

Junior Achievement

Triduum Service


Advent Candle-lighting

Stations of the Cross

Agriculture in the classroom