Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence.  As with every passing grade level, the work in 3rd grade becomes more challenging.  It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education and become life-long learners.  With focus, motivation to learn, and attentiveness to the material, your child can make major strides. Listed below is the curriculum and our class website:

Reading:3rd Grade Science

  • Demonstrate comprehension
  • Identify main ideas and supporting details
  • Decode words using cues from phonics, word order, and context
  • Self-select a variety of fiction and nonfiction chapter books for pleasure reading
  • Progress as an independent reader and work to an appropriate comprehension level
  • Read in groups, alternating paragraphs out loud to build fluency and vocabulary
  • Use outlines to write a book report that has a beginning, middle, and end
  • Understand and follow written instructions


  • Round to the nearest whole number
  • Identify written and spoken numbers up to 100,000
  • Identify, describe, and extend repeating numeric patterns
  • Predict patterns in shapes and numbers
  • Tell time to the nearest minute, calculate elapsed time
  • Count, add, and subtract money
  • Add and subtract numbers to 10,000
  • Memorize the multiplication table
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number
  • Divide multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number
  • Explain in words how a math problem was solved
  • Analyze and graph data
  • Work with simple fractions and decimals

Language Arts:3rd Grade

  • Recognize the parts of speech
  • Write in cursive
  • Write in paragraph form
  • Answer questions in complete sentences
  • Write in a variety of styles, including informative, creative, and persuasive writing
  • Master the writing process: pre-write, outline, draft, revise, edit, and publish
  • Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
  • Use basic research skills for presentations


  • The Holy Spirit guides us to live as Christians
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Showing our love for one another
  • Forgiveness
  • Types of prayer
  • The Good News
  • Sacrifices
  • Works of Jesus

Science:Play pic 2

  • Organisms and where they live
  • Humans in the ecosystem
  • Changes in the environment (endangered and extinct animals)
  • Earth and Space
  • Earth and its many layers
  • Rocks, soil, and natural resources

Social Studies:

  • Use a variety of maps
  • Identify the characteristics of a community
  • Different types of communities
  • Changes in the United States over time
  • Government, and citizenship in our country
  • A growing America (from farms to factories, immigration, and inventions)
  • Environments of the United States
  • Cultures around the world

Third Grade Highlights

Cernan Space Center Field Trip

Terra Nova Standardized Test

Holiday Classroom Celebrations

Masters of Multiplication

3rd Grade Hosts Several All-School Liturgies 

Luther Village Pen Pal and Visit

Behavior Incentive Prizes

Fun and Creative Book Reports

Cabbage Planting Contest

Weekly Parent Newsletter

Reading Incentives: Book-it Program and Six Flags Reading Program



Feel free to email us, or call the school to get more information about 3rd grade, also visit our class websites for more information https://sites.google.com/site/msmarquardtsthirdgrade/ and https://sites.google.com/site/mrhart3rdgrade/