Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence.  As with every passing grade level, the work in 3rd grade becomes more challenging.  It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education and become life-long learners.  With focus, motivation to learn, and attentiveness to the material, your child can make major strides. Listed below is the curriculum and our class website:

Reading:3rd Grade Science

  • Demonstrate comprehension
  • Identify main ideas and supporting details
  • Decode words using cues from phonics, word order, and context
  • Self-select a variety of fiction and nonfiction chapter books for pleasure reading
  • Progress as an independent reader and work to an appropriate comprehension level
  • Read in groups, alternating paragraphs out loud to build fluency and vocabulary
  • Use outlines to write a book report that has a beginning, middle, and end
  • Understand and follow written instructions


  • Round to the nearest whole number
  • Identify written and spoken numbers up to 100,000
  • Identify, describe, and extend repeating numeric patterns
  • Predict patterns in shapes and numbers
  • Tell time to the nearest minute, calculate elapsed time
  • Count, add, and subtract money
  • Add and subtract numbers to 10,000
  • Memorize the multiplication table
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number
  • Divide multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number
  • Explain in words how a math problem was solved
  • Analyze and graph data
  • Work with simple fractions and decimals

Language Arts:3rd Grade

  • Recognize the parts of speech
  • Write in cursive
  • Write in paragraph form
  • Answer questions in complete sentences
  • Write in a variety of styles, including informative, creative, and persuasive writing
  • Master the writing process: pre-write, outline, draft, revise, edit, and publish
  • Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
  • Use basic research skills for presentations


  • The Holy Spirit guides us to live as Christians
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Showing our love for one another
  • Forgiveness
  • Types of prayer
  • The Good News
  • Sacrifices
  • Works of Jesus

Science:Play pic 2

  • Organisms and where they live
  • Humans in the ecosystem
  • Changes in the environment (endangered and extinct animals)
  • Earth and Space
  • Earth and its many layers
  • Rocks, soil, and natural resources

Social Studies:

  • Use a variety of maps
  • Identify the characteristics of a community
  • Different types of communities
  • Changes in the United States over time
  • Government, and citizenship in our country
  • A growing America (from farms to factories, immigration, and inventions)
  • Environments of the United States
  • Cultures around the world

Third Grade Highlights

Cernan Space Center Field Trip

ACT Aspire Testing

Holiday Classroom Celebrations

Masters of Multiplication

3rd Grade Hosts Several All-School Liturgies

Luther Village Pen Pal and Visit

Behavior Incentive Prizes

Fun and Creative Book Reports

Reading Incentives: Book-it Program and Six Flags Reading Program

Weekly Parent Newsletter


Feel free to email or call the school to get more information about 3rd grade