Dear Parents & Incoming Second Graders,

Welcome to St Emily School!  I want to take a moment and introduce you to our curriculum and some of the wonderful things we do in 2nd grade.


Reading/Language Arts – In 2nd grade we use a literature based reading series that includes both fiction and nonfiction stories.  By using the series we learn about different genres, differentiate between main ideas and details, study character analysis, learn about plot development & setting, build vocabulary skills, increase fluency, identify author’s purpose, use graphic aids & resource materials, learn about cause/effect, and make inferences.  In terms of language arts, we cover nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. We work on paragraph development, writing/editing skills and learning about different styles of writing.  Monthly book reports and letter writing skills are covered as well as cursive handwriting.

Math – We review numbers to 100, # patterns/ordering, and addition/subtraction strategies.  The class moves into 2-digit addition/subtraction with regrouping and table/graph interpretation.  From there we get into counting money and telling time.  After that we cover fractions, plane shapes, solid figures, and then move into measurement.  At the end of the year we look at large numbers and the concept of multiplication/division.

Science – Our units include the following: plants & animals, growing & changing, habitats, Earth & space, weather & seasons, matter, physical/chemical changes, motion & energy.

Social Studies – The year encompasses the government, taxes, communities, famous people in history, map skills, geography, resources, conservation, early America, citizenship, and goods/services.

Religion – Besides the Sacramental preparation that occurs in 2nd grade, we study what Catholics believe and how we worship, live and pray.  We cover the following topics: Baptism, types of prayers, religious heroes, the Commandments, forgiveness, parts of the mass, and feasts/seasons of the church.

Activities & Events

First Holy Communion Brownies/Cub Scouts Friendly Firefighter Visit
First Reconciliation Track-a-Thon Spanish Club
Junior Achievement School Spirit Assemblies Officer Friendly
Classroom Holiday Parties Parish Picnic Catholic Schools Week
Talent Show Christmas Program School Picnic
Wagner Farm Field Trip Fire Safety Field Trip All School Masses
Santa's Workshop Fun Fair Fire House Program
May Crowning Advance-a-Grade  


Please feel free to email me or call the school with further questions.