Dear Parents and Incoming First Graders,

We welcome you to St. Emily First Grade and would like to briefly describe our first grade curriculum and activities to you!


Reading/Language Arts- Each week we focus on a new reading lesson from our reading series, Harcourt Storytown.  This series includes:
1. Reading (whole group /small group and guided reading)
2. Reading Comprehension
3. Parts of a story (beginning, middle, end, problem/solution, characters, setting)
4. Literacy Centers
5.Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, contractions, and pronouns)
6. Writer’s Workshop (Personal Narratives, Friendly Letters, How To Articles)

Math-We begin the year working on adding and subtracting numbers.  Throughout the year we focus on time, money, graphing, measurement, geometry and fractions.

Science-We cover Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science through discussions, visualizations, and scientific explorations.

Social Studies-We cover different themed units throughout the year. Some examples of these units are titled: rules and laws, where people live, we love our country, our changing world, meeting people, marketplace, and we also include monthly holidays as well.

Religion-We learn about Our Church Community, The Holy Spirit as well as the Sacrament of Baptism. We also attend weekly All School Masses, Advent Candle-lighting, Stations of the Cross, Triduum, Rosary, May Crowning, and other religious ceremonies.

                                                                                Activities and Events

Septemberfest Scouts Talent Show
Spanish Club Chirstmas Program Junior Achievement
Fire Safety Field Trip Classroom Holiday Parties All School Picnic
Officer Friendly Visit School Spirit Assemblies Track-a-Thon
Catholic Schools Week Hatch Ducklings Friendly Firefighter Visit

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning first grade. Please feel free to email or call us if you have questions or are simply interested in more information about our first grade program.